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A healthy purebred White Faced Hereford, is currently available. As a bull yearling, he has been raised on the local pasture spaces. Being gentle with favorable traits, one could introduce him into a herd for breeding.

These cows are pure-bred, grass-fed, and have been naturally nurtured on our small farm graze-lands. Cattle raised while grazing on organically fertilized pastures and have been rotated throughout unique micro-biomes. Carbon sinking and soil remediation follows to sustainably manage clean air, fresh water, and bio-active high carbon soils. Resources are used to grow edible food jungles which ideally, yield even greater air, water and soil results through a permaculture system.

Hereford cows are known for their low maintenance and high fertility characteristics as well as their maternal and paternal instincts. They make a very pleasant addition, and may prove ideal for your graze lands.

The 2015 American Hereford Association claims Herefords as accountable, predictable, profitable, and sustainable.

Offers will be respectfully considered, pleas inquire.

Call or text 321-412-5153 for information.

Thank you.



young, bull, organic, sanctuary, yearling
A young bull yearlings grows while free ranging pasture spaces.


young, organic, sanctuary, bull, yearling
A yearling bull roams around the the small herd.