Cattle Available

Cattle Available For Distribution

Organic Sanctuary cows are pure-bred (White Faced Hereford), hybrid-bred (White Faced Hereford x Black Angus AKA Black Baldy), grass-fed, and allowed environment conditions for naturally nourishing within interconnected farm graze-lands. Cattle raised while free herding on organically fertilized pastures, scheduled rotations through unique micro-biomes. Carbon sinking and soil remediation follows forth influencing renewing nature, feeding energy towards production of clean air, fresh water, and bio-active high carbon soils. Resources are used to grow edible food jungles which ideally, yield even greater air, water and soil results through a permaculture system of function stacking renewability.

Hereford cows are known for their low maintenance and high fertility characteristics as well as their maternal and paternal instincts. Angus along with, both bred for premium food harvest, grazers, gentle ruminant likes.

The 2015 American Hereford Association claims Herefords as accountable, predictable, profitable, and sustainable.

Offers will be respectfully considered, pleas inquire.

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