Nursery Plants and Trees

Welcome to the Organic Sanctuary Nursery page. We specialize in growing edible, medicinal, and herbal varieties. The Organic Sanctuary nursery techniques and methods have been developed by including sustainability with resource-efficiency. For instance, our small team works with the local energy crews to recycle local tree biomass. This diverts carbon in more atmospheric-stable chains. Rain water, local compost, and organic-living-fertilizers are used in our growing process too!

Delivery may be available if you are located withing the local Central Florida area.

Current Plant Availability, updated 10-13-2016

VarietyPrice# Available
1 gallon Cranberry Hibiscus$711
1 gallon Pitcher Plant$1120
3 gallon Japanese Plum "Loquat"$145
1 gallon Sunshine Mimmosa$5.5011
3 gallon Sugarcane "Chewing Cane"$145
3 gallon Wonderful Pomegranate$1411
1 gallon Longevity Spinach$77
1 gallon Mango$115
3 gallon Ambarella $203
5 gallon Moringa$202

Thank you for supporting our agriculture nursery, registered with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

Email us at or call 321-591-4794 for more information.

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