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Shock Cycles


[mpoverlay]Shock night cycle secrets blur dreams, grounding walks along heat lightning, day dreaming moons. Sporadic light rain falls from fast moving clouds, floating moon intense enough, highlighting darkness. Toads plumper than rain gorged peaches quickly hop, agile sounds leads impressive precision. Lizards alive, quenching hunter catch spirit as exploring extreme micro-micro climates. Mist thick, dissipating visibility to near by wall of sight impermeability, clay layers under loamy bio-activity. Bizarre atmospheric condensation behaviors, providing cool oasis type sub canopy air works, water cycle flows, all angles, hurricane style. Perhaps these moments can be more alive than the mid day generalization, heat takes the light. Inverse amplification of visibility, human perceived, accumulate bright, within eyes of unknown creations while banana spiders knit silk fabric time webs.[/mpoverlay]